If you have questions, please check out the ADA patient education library link and our FAQ list.

How long has Dr. Herzog practiced dentistry?

   He is a third generation Butte dentist with 28 years of experience.

Are Silver amalgam fillings safe?

   Claims of amalgam fillings causing autism spectrum disorders, Alzheimer's disease, and multiple sclerosis are unproven. The ADA and the FDA have confirmed amalgam safety.

Why use amalgam fillings?

   Amalgam can be used successfully in very difficult situations where tooth colored fillings will fail prematurely. Amalgam fillings are also more affordable in non cosmetic areas.

Does Dr. Herzog treat children?

   Yes, we enjoy treating children and have best results with children approximately 3.5 years and older.

How often should I have dental appointments?

   We recommend hygiene appointments and exams every six months for most people. This interval allows us to find problems early and prevent more advanced treatments.

Should I have x-rays annually?

   Generally yes, although some concerns require more frequent x-rays. We use all digital imaging with extremely low radiation for your safety.

Can I postpone treatment if "it doesn't hurt"?

   We do not recommend postponing treatment because the treatments will become more advanced and costly.

What are my payment options?

   We prefer cash, CareCredit, and all credit/debit cards. 

What if my tooth is "knocked out" in an accident?

   We recommend immediately placing the tooth back into the socket and holding it there until you can get dental care.  If the tooth is dirty, then rinse with saline solution (contact lens solution), no scrubbing, then place the tooth in the socket immediately. 

Does Dr. Herzog perform cosmetic dentistry?

   Yes, we would be happy to discuss the cosmetic options.